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Righteous Rockers with Wayne Stoddart interview with Aston Barrett Jr.Aston Barrett Jr.: Legacy, Music, and the Journey Ahead

In a captivating radio interview on the “Righteous Rockers” show, host Wayne Stoddart sits down with Aston Barrett Jr., the progeny of the legendary Aston “Family Man” Barrett of The Wailers. This insightful conversation delves into Barrett Jr.’s musical heritage, his career, and his future in the industry, offering a rare glimpse into the life of a musician born into reggae royalty.

The Legacy of Aston “Family Man” Barrett

Aston Barrett Jr. begins by reflecting on his father’s immense contribution to reggae music. He mentions notable artists like Freddie McGregor and Jimmy Riley, whom his father worked with, highlighting his father’s role in the band Unix. He also touches on collaborations with significant producers like Strike Ali, illustrating the breadth of his father’s influence in the reggae scene.

Musical Skills and Learning from Legends

Barrett Jr. shares his own musical journey, starting with his primary instruments, the drums and keyboard. He speaks fondly of learning from his father and other renowned musicians, including Tyrone Downie, emphasizing the importance of these experiences in shaping his musical skills.

Collaborations and Career Highlights

The conversation shifts to Barrett Jr.’s own accomplishments. He discusses his contributions to Julian Marley’s album and his work on Stephen Marley’s album, particularly on tracks like “Fast Friends” and “Heel Sillazis, the Chapel.” He also mentions producing a track for Damien Marley’s album, showcasing his versatility and depth as a musician.

Experiences with International Artists

Barrett Jr. recounts his time working with American singer Lauryn Hill, describing it as a remarkable learning experience. He reflects on the musical and personal growth he experienced during this period.

Educational Background and Influences

He talks about his time at a performing arts school in Fort Lauderdale, where he was mentored by Christopher Dorsey. This period was pivotal in his development as a musician, providing him with a broader perspective on music and performance.

Family Influence and Support

The interview takes a personal turn as Barrett Jr. speaks about the support from his mother and the overall influence of his family. He credits his family’s love and guidance as foundational to his success and character.

Current Projects and Future Plans

Looking ahead, Barrett Jr. discusses his recent projects, including collaborations with artists from Nashville and the completion of a new album produced by Emilio Estefan. He also shares exciting news about his role in an upcoming Bob Marley movie, where he plays his father, further cementing his family’s legacy in the story of reggae music.

Conclusion and Musical Tribute

The interview concludes with Aston Barrett Jr. expressing gratitude for his heritage and the opportunities he’s had. The session transitions into a musical interlude, featuring tracks that Barrett Jr. has worked on, providing listeners with a taste of his talent and the legacy he continues to build upon.

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