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The Wailers 2022
The WailersUS Tour 2020

The Wailers 2020 Winter US Tour Kicks Off This Friday

Not many bands can claim genuine legend status. The Wailers, however, can comfortably claim their place in essential music history. Culture defining; rebel hearts with brave souls embodying the spirit of 70s era-defining reggae. Now playing a special set featuring incredible cuts from Bob Marley’s formidable back catalogue along with a string of greatest hits, The Wailers are giving you…
The Wailers
January 16, 2020
Bob Marley and The WailersThe WailersUK Tour 2019

Backstage with the Wailers

Bob Marley and the Wailers are one of those bands that their music will live on forever. Four decades and 250 million albums worldwide later their music will never die. Even though it has been over 35 years since Bob tragically died of Cancer at a hospital in Miami. His music continues to touch the lives of millions around the world…
The Wailers
February 26, 2019